on December 11, 2012 RAWards Las Vegas winners interviewed

RAWards Las Vegas winners interviewed

Above Photo: Sabriel by Mike Hill Photography

Last month, ArtsVegas attended the RAWards Indie Arts Award Show to cover the finalists for RAW: Las Vegas. We’ve since interviewed the winners and asked them each three questions:

1) How does it feel to be a RAWards finalist?

2) What are your plans for the upcoming year?

3) Where can we see more of your work?

Torrey Cole
RAW: Las Vegas Performance Artist of the Year

1) It feels uplifting to know that your work is appreciated in the underground community of local artists, especially here in Las Vegas. I’ve been in New York the past eight years, and a lot has changed in the developing Arts District. I feel like I can really create some exciting new work and open some doors this year.

2) I will be inviting more guest dance artists for Project Praludium, organizing fundraising events, and having a Spring Season Showcase in a private loft performance space.

3) Like the page on Facebook, Project Praludium, and I can send you invites to upcoming shows, workshops, and more.

Reyna Herrera
RAW: Las Vegas Fashion Designer of the Year

1) Being chosen as national finalist is an honor. I am so proud of this city and the direction it’s growing in the field of arts. I am happy that I can be part of that growth by representing Las Vegas in fashion and design.

2) There is so much going on this upcoming year it is ridiculous! Coming up this month I have the 12/12/12 event with Sexy Vegas at the Royal House where I’ll be designing costumes for the hosts Dr. Sean and Susie Su. December 15th I will be showcasing during a live performance at the OUT music Awards at Planet Hollywood. January 13th as a national RAW founders’ favorite (only 4 were chosen nationally) I am given the opportunity to showcase a full collection at the event in Hollywood. We also have several other shows in the works for early next year including one with Fashion for a Cause, and we are planning something big for our first time showcasing during Las Vegas Fashion Week.

3) A lot of my previous work is available to view online at my Facebook page, and we have a website that will go live in the upcoming weeks. You can find updates of the launch there. There will also be a full commercial site where you can purchase some of my ready-to-wear pieces.

Teresa Maharaj
RAW: Las Vegas Visual Artist of the Year

1) If feels amazing to be a RAWards finalist! I’ve never really won anything before, and this year I really set out to grow as an artist, so this is a huge accomplishment for me. I’m honored!

2) I’m always looking to grow and develop my skills more and more. So, for this upcoming year, I want to continue to do that and develop my signature style, which I dub as “Mystical Eroticism.” You’ll definitely be seeing a lot more of me!

3) You can see more of my work on my Facebook page. “Like” me! You can also peep out my website: www.TeresaMaharajArt.com and if you would like to chat it up with me in person, you can find me at Sin City Gallery located in the Arts Factory where I am an artist in residence and have my portfolio.

Sabriel Hobart
RAW: Las Vegas Musician of the Year

1) It feels so awesome to be a part of such a cool scene. I’m very thankful for everyone who listened to my songs and enjoyed them enough to vote for me!

2) I plan to do as many gigs as possible to get my work out into the world. I’ll also be putting some hard work into writing more songs for people to hear. I just want to have fun meeting people and performing! I’ll be on iTunes very soon, as well!

3) My recordings are on sabrielmusic.com. My Facebook page features my songs, updates on shows, YouTube videos and more. I also have a Twitter and Instagram under SabrielMusic!

Michelle Martin
RAW: Las Vegas Accessory Designer of the Year

1) RAD!! It’s a very fun and flattering surprise to be chosen to compete in the finals with so many other amazing artists.

2) We plan to continue building our business and look forward to coming up with new, punk & edgy styles and designs to share with the world.

3) Right now our work is being sold via our Etsy store. We also share our work on our Facebook page as well as Twitter. We look forward to participating in future First Fridays as well as other local art events.

Mallorie Nasrallah
RAW: Las Vegas Photographer of the Year

1) Being a finalist is wonderful, but I already feel like I have walked away from my RAW shows with so much. Being the Las Vegas Photographer of the year is an amazing honor, and I am thrilled to be representing my city nationally. National winner or no, I am still giddy with excitement to have won here in Vegas, where there is so much talent.

2) Five Days before winning the RAW award I opened a studio in the Arts District. 2013 will be the year in which I attempt to establish myself as an Arts District fixture. I want to be a part of the growing arts culture of Las Vegas. I feel so lucky to have come in at such an awesome time. Las Vegas seems to be redefining the art that is made here, and if in the next year I can become a greater part of that, I will have accomplished something I will be very proud of.

3) Every First Friday I will be at my studio/gallery at 1115 S. Casino Center Blvd (kitty-corner to The Arts Factory) showing my work. Additionally my portfolio website is www.mallorienasrallah.com. I would love to have everyone come say hello!

Feralene Orpilla
RAW: Las Vegas Makeup Artist of the Year

1) Being nominated was already a big accomplishment for me. Winning the title Las Vegas Makeup Artists of the Year 2012 is such a blessing, and I am very thankful for the amazing recognition for something I’m really passionate about.

2) I have so many plans that include exciting projects and collaborative partnerships with a cosmetic company. I just want to make the most of it day by day and cannot wait to see what the future will be.

3) To see more of my work visit my website at www.make-up-by-feralene.com, and for business inquiries call 702-625-FER1 (3371).

Eugene Dela Cruz
RAW: Las Vegas Filmmaker of the Year

1) It feels great to be a RAW finalist. I’ve never been a finalist for anything, but then again I was never good at anything else but video.

2) My plans for the upcoming year are to continue to build my video company. I want to get the ball rolling on a few music and fashion videos and shoot a full fashion video on 8mm film. I can’t call myself a filmmaker until I make something on film.

3) You can check out most of my stuff on www.eug3ne.com and also www.adlava.com. We are a web and video company.

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Written by David Hardy

David Hardy

David Hardy grew up in suburban Baltimore. Most of his twenties were spent in bands. He moved to Las Vegas when he lost a bet, but ended up loving it. He is a graphic designer, professor, and dreamer. He enjoys the many lowbrow activities that this city has to offer.


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