on May 16, 2012 Highlights from Design Drip #7

Highlights from Design Drip #7

Hammed Kohistani and Garth Braithwaite presented at this month’s Design Drip at the Emergency Arts building downtown. After gathering for coffee and conversation at The Beat coffeehouse, we moved upstairs to /usr/lib where Hammed talked about hi-fi wireframing. Hammed is a designer for Yahoo, and he showed us a few methods to move from initial sketches past the typical “grey boxes” wireframes. A website wireframe is a visual guide that represents the skeletal framework of a website.

The problem with this is that most clients and stakeholders can’t visualise a final product from this step. However, adding some color, gradients, and curves to the mix drastically increases the wireframe’s potential for realization by the client. There are many UX design pattern libraries that can be used at this step, instead of creating from scratch. Hammed also showed us how to present design interactions using Keynote. Instead of telling the user what screen they will see after clicking a button, you can show them that experience fairly easily using transitions in Keynote.

“People don’t use wireframes, they use products.”
@hammedk on hi-fidelity #wireframing

Next up, Garth Braithwaite showed us how to rapidly prototype using integrated development environments and preprocessors. Garth is a senior experience designer for Adobe, and has worn many hats in web design and development. One of the first tools he showed us was httpster, static development server that can be used for local testing. Sublime, Coda, and Espresso are all IDE’s with various development tools and shorcuts. Jade and Coffeescript are preprocessors that allow you write HTML and Javascript (respectively) using shorthand.

One of the most interesting things he showed us was Adobe Shadow, which is a new inspection and preview tool that allows front-end web developers and designers to preview websites for mobile devices. Shadow mirrors your website across dozens of mobile devices, syncronizing content and allowing you to work faster instead of constantly refreshing devices. You can see Garth’s entire presentation here.

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Written by David Hardy

David Hardy

David Hardy grew up in suburban Baltimore. Most of his twenties were spent in bands. He moved to Las Vegas when he lost a bet, but ended up loving it. He is a graphic designer, professor, and dreamer. He enjoys the many lowbrow activities that this city has to offer.


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