on September 22, 2012 BikeHugger Mobile Social 2012

BikeHugger Mobile Social 2012

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Interbike was at the Sands Convention Center this week, and that means bike-crazed people the world over made their way to Las Vegas for the latest and greatest in their industry. Aside from the actual convention where manufacturers show their wares, there are a ton of extracurricular activities here in town as well. CrossVegas, billed as the biggest cyclocross race in America, took place across town at Desert Breeze Park. There are also a handful of illegal street races going on, with the prize thousands in cash. But what we were waiting for was the Bikehugger Mobile Social, a slow paced ride up the Las Vegas strip. People come here to show off their reverse trikes, adult hot wheels, double-decker bikes, and bike-mobiles complete with full stereo systems. We checked it out last year and were hooked.

The ride is just over three miles, starting at The Sands, and ending at Downtown Cocktail Room and The Beat Coffeehouse. Along the way, tourists stare in awe at the sea of blinkys, cars angrily try to force their way around the flock, and everyone is giddy with glee. This is the only time all year that you can ride the strip casually and relatively safely. It's co-sponsored by New Belgium Brewing, which means that everyone gets a free token for a tasty beverage afterward. The people who come here every year to participate are total bike heads, and we wouldn't have it any other way. Till next time …

BikeHugger Mobile Social 2012BikeHugger Mobile Social 2012BikeHugger Mobile Social 2012BikeHugger Mobile Social 2012

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Written by David Hardy

David Hardy

David Hardy grew up in suburban Baltimore. Most of his twenties were spent in bands. He moved to Las Vegas when he lost a bet, but ended up loving it. He is a graphic designer, professor, and dreamer. He enjoys the many lowbrow activities that this city has to offer.


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